The Quiet and the Empty

If you manage to find your way to this blog, you will probably notice very quickly that it’s pretty quiet and empty.  

I don’t get a lot of visitors, because I don’t go out searching for them to draw them in.  For my other blog, I search.  I send out feelers, in the form of likes and comments, in search of my ‘tribe’, but here, I simply allow my thoughts to exist, to float around in the ether, collecting whatever attention they may on their own.

I allow myself to be more… authentic here.  While I generally write in a ‘stream of consciousness’ style in both places, I try to tie things together with some amount of cohesiveness over there on SS.  But here, I allow my thoughts to wander onto the page, and dally where they may, with very little point or plot.

I find it both freeing and comforting to know that long after I’m gone, these real, uncensored pieces of myself will continue to float out there in the interwebs, or at least for as long as WordPress exists.

If you do manage to find your way here and wade through my ramblings enough to read these words… namaste.  The divine within me greets and honors the divine within you, and when we meet again on the other side, let’s have a laugh over the madness, eh?


Author: Amanda

I'm married to my best friend, we live in Virginia, USA, and have one cat together. I am literally going through the process of developing my Self. Until recently, I had no concept of who I was, what I wanted, or even that I didn't know these things. That's all changed, and as a result, I am changing at a rapid pace. Try and keep up.

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